Apprentice Ninja Strategy

Apprentices cannot automatically play. However, apprentice ninjas who admire real ninjas are stretching themselves to study counting.

Manual input is required, but they can switch between the ZEN and RAPC counting systems.

Moreover, they can display the 'Ninja Perfect Strategy', making it a surprisingly elite strategy for an apprentice ninja.

Initial cost : Free, Monthly cost : Free 

Genin/Low-ranking Ninja Strategy

In blackjack, as previously mentioned, playing with the basic strategy is the fundamental tactic. With an RTP of about 99%, it tends to be more profitable and has a good synergy with system betting.

However, strictly adhering to the basic strategy is an absolute condition.

Never do things like:

- Standing because you're afraid of busting when the basic strategy says to hit.

- Hitting instead of doubling down because you're afraid.

- Reducing your bet amount after successive losses, then winning.

- Conversely, when you impulsively increase your bet amount to recover losses, you end up losing.etc

Have you ever experienced something like the above? Furthermore, if the rules are difficult and unclear, if you're a complete novice with an interest but only feel anxiety, this tool is most effective for you.

This tool automatically plays following the basic strategy, so it won't play in a timid manner that reduces the expected value.

Moreover, you can select the basic system bet, so you won't irrationally increase your bet amount as in the earlier example, or stop the system bet midway through your decided strategy.

Making a mistake in betting is one of the major reasons for losing money in online casinos, but with this tool, that concern is eliminated.

Settings such as bet amount, profit-taking amount, stop-loss amount, off-timer, and so on can be configured.

Initial cost : Free, Monthly cost : Free (coming soon !)


Chunin/Middle-ranking Ninja Strategy

While a middle-ranking ninja (Chunin) can naturally do everything a lower-ranking ninja (Genin) can, their expected value changes as they grow into this rank.

The strategy becomes one where, by counting the cards that have appeared on the table, they can predict the contents of the remaining deck and calculate the expected value for their gameplay.

Many of the counting tools currently available require you to input numbers manually, but this tool automatically handles counting, so there are no input errors. Even with counting, the RTP doesn't change by that action alone.

Taking appropriate actions based on the counting value is the minimum requirement, and such guidance isn't readily available anywhere.

However, by following the 'Chūnin Perfect Strategy', a middle-ranking ninja can increase their RTP. Moreover, with system betting, the D'Alembert strategy becomes an available option.

Initial cost : $ 1,500, Monthly cost : $ 1,500 (coming soon !)


Jonin/High-ranking Ninja Strategy

What a middle-ranking ninja (Chunin) can do, a high-ranking ninja (Jonin) can naturally do as well. However, as one grows into a Jōnin, their expected value changes even further.

As a Jōnin, you can not only utilize all the functions of a Chunin but also play automatically using the 'Jonin Perfect Strategy' which further elevates the RTP. In system betting, all systems become available for selection.

Initial cost : $ 1,500, Monthly cost : $ 2,500 (coming soon !)


Ultimate/Highest-ranking Ninja Strategy

Besides being able to play automatically using the 'Ultimate Strategy', all other information is kept strictly confidential, fitting for the topmost rank among ninjas.

It's the pinnacle of ninja-hood that only a select few who meet certain criteria can achieve.

Initial cost : Top secret, Monthly cost : Top secret (coming soon !)

Secret Ninjutsu

If there's a table with a high counting value, those of middle-ranking ninja (Chunin) and above can automatically move to high-count tables at random.

While high-ranking ninja (Jonin) are prioritized over middle-ranking ninja, the secret ninja technique of automatically moving to tables with a higher expected value is a unique feature of this tool.