Terms of Use

Article 1 - Formation of Contract

 The use of the services provided by NINJA TOOL SERVICE (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") shall be effective upon the consent of the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as "Party B").

 As a requirement for consent, the agreement shall be deemed established when Party A receives Party B's application for the use of services and payment, and Party A provides the services


Article 2 - Object

 A license for the use of automatic trading tools and automatic playing tools using the internet through online server management.  Upgrades in the event of any issues affecting the operation due to measures taken by casino sites.


Article 3 - Amendment of the Terms

 In accordance with Article 548-4 of the Civil Law, amendments to the terms are permissible. The effectiveness of the amendments shall be deemed valid from the moment Party A delivers them from the server.


Article 4 - Payment Method and License Validity Period

 It shall be completed by Party B's payment to the payment processing service provider, and Party B shall bear the fees associated with the payment.

 After payment confirmation, Party A shall send Party B the installation instructions for the tool via email, and Party B can use the tool upon authentication by Party A from the management server after installation.

 The license validity period shall be one month, starting from the first day and ending at 24:00 on the 30th day. In the absence of a termination request from Party B, the license shall be automatically renewed.

 Party B understands that there may be server issues or other troubles while using the service. In the event of temporary unavailability due to any trouble, the deadline shall be extended for the number of days it was unavailable if it exceeds 24 hours.


Article 5 - Sales Price

 The following amounts apply for each rank:

- Apprentice Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee:$ 0

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $0

- Genin/Low Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: $0

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $0

- Chunin/Middle Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee:$1,500

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $1,500

- Jonin/Upper Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: $1,500

 - Monthly Mission Fee:$ 2,500

- Ultimate Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: Determined through an interview for those who meet specific conditions


Article 6 - Termination

 The tool usage fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. However, as an exception, full refunds will be provided if individuals under the specified age have registered, and they request a refund within 8 days from the application date.

 Party B shall apply for termination via email to Party A, and the termination shall be deemed effective upon Party B's acknowledgment. There will be no pro-rata calculation of usage fees for the termination month.

 Refunds will only be provided if there is a delay between the termination application and its acceptance that crosses over to the next month.

 Upon re-contracting, if the email address remains unchanged, the initial registration fee will not be required.


Article 7 - Prohibited Activities

 This tool can only be used in countries and regions where online casino usage is permitted. Usage in prohibited countries or regions is strictly forbidden and constitutes a criminal offense, and Party B agrees to this. Party B shall be solely responsible for any consequences resulting from a violation of the terms.

 All rights, including copyrights, related to the tool belong to Party A. Any disclosure to third parties regarding this tool's service is strictly prohibited, and if Party B violates this, Party B must pay Party A 10,000$ as a penalty.

 If any of Party B's actions related to this service are in violation of laws, disadvantageous to Party A, or deemed inappropriate by Party A or other service providers, Party A may delete posts and suspend all services without notice or obtaining the user's consent.

 In the event of confirmed use-sharing or leakage of confidential information by third parties other than the individual concerned, Party B will be subject to immediate usage suspension and must pay Party A 50,000$ as lost profits and damages.


Article 8 - Disclaimer

 Party B acknowledges and accepts all risks associated with the use of the services provided by Party A, including but not limited to account suspension, confiscation of winnings, and any other potential risks. In any case, including account suspension, loss of assets, falling below expected profits, or losses incurred by server errors, Party A shall not be held liable due to the nature of the service.


Article 9 - Expression of Intent*

 Party B, by applying for the tool, has read and agreed to the terms of use, privacy policy, and all other terms by clicking the confirmation button for each item at the time of application. Party B's confirmation of the contract details is considered completed and agreed upon at that moment.


Article 10 - About the Service

 If circumstances necessitate changes or termination of the service, Party A must notify Party B via the server.


Article 11 - Handling of Personal Information

 The handling of personal information is separately defined in the "Privacy Policy."


Article 12 - Law

 All matters related to this tool shall be operated under the laws of Japan. Even if Party B is a foreign national residing outside of Japan, legal interpretations regarding the tool shall follow the laws of Japan.


Article 13 - Jurisdiction

 In the event of a legal issue, litigation shall take place in the court jurisdiction where Party A's main office is located in Japan.